• Kouwenhoven & Associates Inc.

    Specializing in Professional Liability Insurance for Law Firms

    Kouwenhoven & Associates, Inc. was founded in November 1993 by Brian and Brenda Kouwenhoven. Brian and Brenda have worked together in the insurance industry since 1986, having married while with RUMGER Insurance Company, a direct writer of professional liability insurance in the State of Florida in the late 1980’s.

Our Mission

Clients trust us at Kouwenhoven & Associates, Inc. to meet our obligations every single time. We make sure that we can commit to our promise by continuously improving our product offerings along with our commitment to providing the best customer experience for our clients. It is our mission to provide our clients with peace of mind knowing that they are properly protected from any potential financial claims.

Help us protect you with our expert insurance solutions...

Protect Yourself and/or Your Law Firm

One mistake can snowball into financial ruin or losing your law firm. Getting and maintaining a Professional Liability Insurance policy will help you stay one step ahead and help to protect you in the event of an unforeseen error or omission on behalf of the firm.

Work with a Specialist

Kouwenhoven & Associates, Inc made the decision in the very beginning that they would ONLY service law firms and a select few additional professional services. Because of this, they are wealth of knowledge when it comes to professional liability, and they are not bogged down by service related requests like many other agencies who service the general public.  

Trust a Company with Experience and the Passion

Professional Liability Insurance is considered complex by most, but it is our specialty. We are well-versed in the markets that are available to law firms, and also represent a few relatively exclusive programs not available to other agencies. 

We Have Your Best Interest at Heart

Kouwenhoven & Associates Inc. is a trusted insurance agency since 1993. We pride ourselves as one of the most reliable companies when it comes to professional liability insurance-- an area that is considered complex by most. You won't get this level of specialized service anywhere else.

What makes Kouwenhoven & Associates the best option for Lawyers Professional Liability insurance? 

We have been specializing in working solely with law firms on their professional liability insurance for 30 years now. Our agency has access to the top insurance companies that offer malpractice insurance for law firms. Our knowledge is second to none, and we are available anytime. At Kouwenhoven & Associates, we pre-fill your applications for you saving you time, and money! We are experienced in helping law firms through difficult claim scenarios. 
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